When Josh Mabie helped organize the Lyceum series for its first season last year at Pied Beauty Farm, he drew inspiration from the 19th century lecture style.

In its second season, all Lyceum lectures will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays once a month through October. Attendees can eat at a 6 p.m. picnic until 10 minutes before the main event.

All Lyceums will take place at Pied Beauty Farm, 1390 Washington Road.

The subject matter of all lectures, Mabie said, mainly has to do with sustainability, farming, food and justice.

The first Lyceum took place last month and featured Cindy Crosby, author of “Chasing Dragonflies: A Natural and Cultural History.” The next, on Thursday, July 18, will highlight “Technology and the Small Farmer” with speaker Kieran Furlong.

On Thursday, Aug. 1, presenter Jeffrey Bilbo, author of “Virtues of Renewal: Wendell Berry’s Sustainable Forms” and “Wendell Berry Higher Education” will speak about environmental hope.

Barrett Swanson will present a lecture titled “A Soldier in the Soil” on Thursday, Sept. 12, and on Thursday, Oct. 3, Tiffany Eberle Kriner will give a lecture on “Field: A Report from Root & Sky Farm.”

Mabie told the Hub it was Connecticut farmer, teacher and scholar Josiah Holbrook who inspired the Lyceum movement. Holbrook believed that engagement with disciplines like philosophy, science and the arts would change the American public for the better.

Holbrook traveled around the U.S. and encouraged small towns to establish lecture halls as a place for the commonwealth to share their ideas.

“Our barn has been used has a threshing floor, a dairy barn, a machine shed, a boat storage and now a concert and lecture hall,” Mabie wrote on the Pied Beauty Farms website.

After a successful lecture series last year, Mabie said it only made sense to organize another season. At the high point, the Lyceum gathered almost 30 people. He hopes that number will increase this year.

For information, email piedbeautyfarm@gmail.com.

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