A caravan of vehicles drove through Stoughton decorated with signs Wednesday, April 22, to recognize the essential workers who are still on the job each day during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sharon Mason-Boersma, who organized the “shout out,” drove a silver sedan along with four other vehicles. The signs read “Thank you,” and “You’re our heroes.” It stopped at more than 15 locations including Stoughton Police Department, both food pantries, Stoughton Area EMS, Stoughton Utilities, Stoughton Fire Department, Walmart, Stoughton Hospital and McFarland State Bank.

“I wanted to (recognize) the work and tireless efforts of many organizations, businesses, and nonprofits that are working together to maintain well being and quality of life for community residents and others,” Mason-Boersma told the Hub in an email.

Each location was asked to have employees stand outside so the caravan could drive by and show their gratitude.

Mason-Boersma said the event resulted in a high turnout — at Stoughton Hospital for example, at least 30 employees stepped outside to be recognized.

Amie Edgington of McFarland State Bank said she gives kudos to the organizers.

“This parade was very uplifting for the staff,” Edgington wrote in an email to the Hub. “They all felt very appreciated and like people do care what they are doing for them.”

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