The Stoughton City Band will perform its last show of the seven week summer season Thursday, July 25, at the Skaalen Home.

The outdoor concert, which starts at 6:45 p.m., is free and open to the public at 400 N. Morris St.

With direction from director Beth Gardner, the 30 member band plays familiar tunes such as “We are the Champions,” “Wooly Bully” and its signature piece, “The Little Country Band.”

“I’ve heard a lot of new songs this season,” Lily Weitner, an audience member, told the Hub at last week’s concert.

Weitner said she has grown up going to these concerts because her mother plays the flute in the band.

The band is “a group of music-lovers of all ages who love to get together and play music and perform for our community,” according to the Stoughton City Band website, and includes Stoughton teachers, school board members and other residents.

Other traditional Stoughton City Band performances throughout the year include a Christmas Concert, Memorial Day Concert and at the Syttende Mai Festival.