After warning its 75 employees that layoffs might be coming in May, Stoughton steel fabricating firm Zalk Josephs was able to give some good news Friday, April 19.

The firm won a contract for a 110,000 square foot manufacturing building that will require 3,300 tons of steel and provide enough work for four to five months, operations manager Nathan Michael told the Hub.

“As soon as we found out, we shared it with the crew on first shift,” Michael said. “We let everybody know, ‘No need to do layoffs.’”

Though he said the firm is “still trying to figure out” what’s going to happen after this contract, Michael was optimistic and said there’s “still a lot of quote activity,” meaning more contracts might be on the way.

The contract came through faster than usual, Michael said, awarded within a month of the firm’s bid. The project will expand the campus of CSL Behring, a pharmaceutical company in Bradley, Ill.

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