What started a few years ago as a project between high school and college friends continues to grow in the business sphere.

Stoughton High School and University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate Endre Krumholz was named to the “Inno Under 25 list,” this month from the tech website Wisconsin Inno. The list, in its second year, is produced to “get a sense of some of the state’s top young entrepreneurs, techies, builders and innovators,” according to a Wisconsin Inno news release.

Krumholz, 23, is artist relations director for Live Undiscovered Music (LÜM), a startup that’s built a streaming music platform and social network to help up-and-coming artists grow their fanbase. Since it started in August 2018, the company has raised $1.2 million in funding and grown to over 20,000 users.

“Krumholz has connected creatives across the Midwest and opened up a network of collaboration between musicians while working to grow the LÜM community,” a news release from Wisconsin Inno states.

The app, which restricts big-name artists and instead works to promote local music, was born from a “think tank” session a group of friends had in November 2017. All students or recent graduates from UW-Madison, including several SHS grads, who wanted to find a unified direction to head after graduation and decided to start their own business within the music industry.

The app combines a streaming service with social media. Artists are able to add their music, promote shows and interact with fans, who in turn rank, share and stream music. To check out the service, visit lum.fm.

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