Downtown business closings (copy)

Paco’s Tacos, which was located in Kegonsa Plaza, closed in June.

The first floor of Kegonsa Plaza is lonely at the moment with one tenant; but that won’t be for long.

This fall, a new Mexican restaurant will replace the former Paco’s Tacos that closed earlier this year. The new restaurant which is still deciding on the name, will serve brunch or breakfast along with tacos and burritos. The owners of the new restaurant told Aaron Tritz, owner of Kegonsa Plaza, they plan to have a food cart and travel to different festivals to, he said.

Viking Leather LLC, which was a one stop shop for everything leather, relocated to an in-home business this summer but customers can reach the store at 695-3597 after 4 p.m. and on weekends. Business is by appointment only.

Tritz is looking for new tenants to fill the Viking Leather LLC space but said he is not concerned. “This is the first time we’ve had to fill the retail space, but in the past we’ve had no problems filling up the empty suites,” Tritz said.

The former Stoughton Courier Hub office on the first floor of Kegonsa Plaza is now a 24 hour gym run by Push Fitness, which also has a fitness center on the second floor.

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