When you enter Livsreise, the Norweigian Heritage Center, guests are transformed by history into the world of Norse Mythology through interactive kiosks and museum displays.

From 1-2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 21 children’s book author, K.W Penndorf will talk about how Norse history and Viking mythology influenced her work during “Researching Viking Mythology for Modern Storytelling” at the center, 277 W. Main St.

Both of Penndorf’s children’s books, “Freya and the Dragon Egg,” and “Freya and the Battle at the Aal Thing,” are based on Norse mythology and take the readers from a Danish wedding in Europe to the Field Museum in Chicago. The first book, “Freya and the Dragon Egg,” is about a neglected girl whose father, a renowned Viking archaeologist, asks her to hide an artifact and she comes face to face with real Vikings and a Berserker.

According to the Livsreise website, Penndorf had to do a lot of research for the series because she didn’t grow up learning about Norse mythology. She will discuss how Viking beliefs were woven into her series including Berserkers, trance-like warriors; Yggdrasil, the great world-tree and Ragnar, an ancient Danish Viking.

Penndorf plans to write nine books where the main character, Freya, travels through the Nine Realms, or the nine worlds of different creatures.

For more information, visit livsreise.org

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