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More than nine months after the city agreed to accept the donated McFarland State Bank building for the new home of City Hall, the city learned last week that it does not need to do any cleanup work on the property.

Driving over the Main Street bridge, just north of Page Street, passengers can see the Stoughton mural overlooking the Yahara River. In 1997, using soft colors, running water and the Norwegian Dancers, artist Mel Butor painted Luke and Elza Stoughton looking forward to the future, and their …

For nine days, members of Scout Troop 167 canoed 60 miles through a cypress and tupelo covered swamp filled with alligators.They survived 100 degree temperatures with high humidity and mosquitoes in an area that is known to be too intimidating for the casual outdoorsman.

Stoughton’s Main Street is less crowded these days, with eight businesses that had been housed there closing in the first half of 2019.