This year the Oregon Youth Center staff has grown, welcoming back two former Oregon School District students who are attending Madison College.

Elisa Kaether, who first attended programs at the OYC in sixth grade and graduated from Oregon High School in 2018, is working as the center’s part-time assistant director and also directed “Cinderella” at the OYC through the Academy of Sound earlier this summer. And Brett Trinkle, 21, works at the center through AmeriCorps while he is taking classes in criminal justice.

“Growing up I was really shy, but I opened up to people and found friendships (at the youth center),” Trinkle said. “It taught me how to deal with people who are quiet or loud, aggressive or not aggressive.”

He hopes to one day become a police school liaison officer, perhaps even back at the Oregon School District, to be a good role model for kids and teach them the life skills he developed back in sixth and seventh grade at the OYC.

“As long as you keep trying, go for what you want,” Trinkle said.

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