Mike Carr

Oregon High School athletic director Mike Carr is entering his third year as an official in the NFL.

Carr will be a down judge, or head linesman, for the second year in a row, according to operations.nfl.com.

He was a line judge his first year.

The down judge, also known as head linesman, stands at one end of the line of scrimmage (usually the side opposite the press box).

He or she looks for possible offsides, encroachment, illegal formation and other fouls before the ball is snapped.

Carr, a Columbus native, received degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Edgewood College before beginning his career as an official in the college ranks.

He served as a head linesman in the Big Ten through 2015, and served as a center judge in his final season in the college ranks.

His last collegiate game was the 2016 Texas Bowl between Texas A&M and Kansas State.

Alex Kemp will be the referee of Carr’s crew in 2019-20, according to operations.nfl.com.

Carr and side judge Dale Shaw served on Jerome Boger’s crew last season and will be on Kemp’s crew this season.

Kemp’s crew also includes Rich Hall (umpire), Jeff Bergman (line judge), John Jenkins (field judge), Steve Freeman (back judge), Mike Chase (replay official) and Marvin LeBlance (replay assistant).

The NFL’s preseason started Thursday, Aug. 1, with the Hall of Fame game.

The regular season kicks off Thursday, Sept. 5, when the Green Bay Packers visit the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field.

Carr is entering his seventh year as Oregon’s athletic director.

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