Kids crossing street

Oregon School District kds cross the street at the corner of Janesville and South Perry Parkway.

Since they can only help where people are crossing, the Oregon Police Department is moving its Janesville Street crossing guard down the road to a higher-traffic intersection.

Seeking to “better utilize our resources and further protect children at this intersection,” starting Dec. 10, the guard will switch from the intersection of Janesville and Elm streets to Janesville and S. Perry Parkway.

According to an OPD news release, there are “many days” when no children cross at the Elm Street intersection, which the department has “determined to be infrequently used by students.” Instead, they are using the crosswalk at the Janesville St. and S. Perry Parkway intersection “on a regular basis,” creating a “higher volume of traffic at this location.”

OPD Lt. Jennifer Pagenkopf told the Observer the department has received several complaints about the S. Perry Parkway intersection, with “a lot” of students crossing there, and many not using the crossing alert lights or flags.

“(We) saw quite a bit of (student) activity there,” she said. “The intersection gets a lot of complaints in general.”

The news release stated that while village officials have made attempts to keep the Janesville/S. Perry Parkway intersection safe by placing flashing beacon signs, “many children fail to use the flashing beacons or cross mid-block,” and that due to solar battery issues, the flashing crosswalk beacons are also inoperable at times.

According to the Nov. 12 Village Board packet, pedestrian warning signs will be placed at four intersections next spring, including Jefferson/Ash and Jefferson/S. Perry Parkway.

– Scott De Laruelle