After two years of growing – and helping Oregon-area students’ growing – the Friends of Oregon School District (FOSD) are holding an annual meeting to share plans and program information with the public.

The meeting is 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 31, at the OSD Innovation Center at Oregon High School, and anyone interested in learning more about FOSD programs, plans for the upcoming school year and how to get involved is encouraged to attend, according to an email sent by the group.

A group of district parents started FOSD two years ago to help feed school kids in need, beginning with four programs.

One is an “Adopt-a-kid’s lunch balance” program. Another supplies “food backpacks” to students during extended school break. A third provides healthy snacks to help fuel up students during the school day, and the fourth purchases food gift cards for school breaks.

Last year, FOSD added a “Champions Fund” to pay for educational opportunities such as orchestra and sports camps and karate lessons, or to purchase necessary sports equipment or clothing.

According to the group, FOSD’s mission is to “support and partner with our schools to eliminate basic need barriers to learning.” To date, the Friends have raised more than $60,000.

– Scott De Laruelle