Voters in the Oregon School District could see a change in which school board seats they vote for if a board reapportionment plan is approved by electors at the annual meeting and public budget hearing Monday, Sept. 23.

The school board approved a plan last November that would realign what areas their seats cover while keeping the current election schedule and size of the board at seven members. The plan, which required 100 electors sign a petition of support by Aug. 23, can only go into effect if it’s approved at the annual meeting.

District superintendent Brian Busler said the purpose of reapportionment is to “ensure an even distribution of students per geographic region in the district.”

“In short, it realigns board (areas) to match the geographic distribution of residents in the Oregon School District,” he wrote the Observer in an email.

Three former school board members helped with the Board Apportionment Task Force – Doug Kornetzke, Deedra Atkinson and Dave Williams. The group recommended last fall the district have three voting areas instead of four.

Area I would remain the Village of Oregon with three seats. Area II would add the towns of Dunn and Blooming Grove from Area III to the fast-growing City of Fitchburg and increase seats from one to two. Area III would add to the Town of Rutland the former Area IV municipalities of the Village of Brooklyn and towns of Oregon, Montrose, Union and Brooklyn, and maintain its two seats.