As enrollment in the Oregon School District grows, so does the need for more programming and teachers.

Monday night, the school board approved around $500,000 in funding for new staff for the 2019-20 school year.

The approval followed the recommendation of the OSD administrative team to hire the following positions for next year, mainly due to enrollment growth in the district: a full-time Oregon Middle School science/social studies teacher ($70,000), full-time assistant director of instruction ($65,000), part-time deaf and hard of hearing educator (funded through a grant) and one or two full-time K-6 teachers ($0 — $70,000 with reallocation from unfilled position in budget).

The administration team also recommended adding several positions as “continued prioritization of our whole child focus, including students’ mental health needs,” according to the board packet. Those positions are: a full-time neutral site/homebound instructor ($70,000), a full-time counselor ($80,000) that would allow for a second full-time counselor at OMS and Rome Corners Intermediate School, a full-time school psychologist ($90,000) that would allow for a full-time school psychologist at every building, and a full-time district-wide mental health professional ($80,000).

The actual cost of those positions depends on the candidate hired and the benefits selected. The board has between $423,000 and $615,000 is available in unallocated funds that could be used for 2019-20 staffing, according to Monday’s board packet.

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