Increased staffing is one reason village taxpayers will see higher than usual increases for a second year in a row this year.

The village adopted its 2020 budget Monday, Nov. 18, with minor revisions since its Monday, Oct. 14, budget meeting. There were no comments during the public hearing.

The budget includes funding for a police patrol officer, a division chief position for the Oregon Area Fire/EMS District and a senior center administrative assistant, plus added hours for a police secretary and a library reference assistant position.

The budget also includes a 3% cost of living adjustment for non-union employees.

The library staffing increase is related to the village’s $10 million project to build a new library – of which the village committed $6 million – expected to open in 2022.

Three of the positions would be mid-year hires, which reduces their first-year cost proportionally but puts the full cost into the 2021 budget.

The division chief is budgeted for a start date of March 1, the administrative assistant for May 1 and the patrol officer July 1, according to a budget presentation by village administrator Mike Gracz and financial director Lisa Novinska.

The 2020 cost for each to the village is $44,751 for the police officer, $5,400 for the division chief, $25,600 for the senior center administrative assistant, $13,120 for library staffing and $11,992 for the added police secretary hours.

The board had set the tax rate for publication at its Oct. 14 budget meeting, directing staff to keep the tax increase below $90 for the average home.

That average home, costing $305,000 will have village taxes of $1,650, a 6% jump from last year, when the average home was valued at $290,000.

Among the other large expenditures are $1,550,000 to the Janesville Street and Park Street intersection and the reconstruction of Park Street, $375,000 for fixes to the Rotary Bike Trail, which has been flooded most of the past two years, $200,000 for assorted public works vehicle equipment, $100,000 for a new phone system and $53,000 for a police department squad car.

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