Thomson Park closed last week and will remain closed until further notice due to safety concerns.

Crews have been removing several large dead trees that have posed a safety concern, public works director Jeff Rau said in a July 2 news release.

He said he knew there were trees that needed to come down, and during a recent visit to look at a large pine tree that fell during a recent storm, he said he “immediately” came back to the village to close the park.

“I hate taking those drastic measures, but when it comes to safety, there’s just no question,” he said.

Most of the trees are ash, and Rau said that a large tree that was close to the playground equipment posed a significant threat.

“The one tree we were worried about was completely rotted out, it even surprised the people taking it down,” he said.

The park will remain closed until the crew can finish removing the hazardous trees, which is expected to be completed in the next few weeks.

On Tuesday, several large trees had been cut down. Wood from the trees will be placed near the road for people to use for firewood.

The village will share notice when the park reopens. For information, call Village Hall at 835-3118.