Sinkholes appearing at Jon Blanchard Dog Park last week were likely the result of a broken drain tile, Village of Oregon officials said.

In a March 15 “Oregon WI Information” Facebook page post, Kristen Navis wrote she noticed the sinkholes during a park visit and uploaded a photo to show the damage.

Assistant Public Works director Gary Disch told the Observer he sent someone out to look at the hole Monday, March 18, following a March 15 phone call, to fence the area off.

“The area must have had a drain tile in it,” Disch said.

Drain tiles, he said, remove excess water from the soil that’s under the surface. Since the tile wasn’t draining the water correctly, Disch said the excess water from the snow made the hole larger.

“It’s not the most level area,” Disch said.

Village Administrator Mike Gracz said filling in the holes at the park is a developing public works project. That will start happening when the ground is less soaked, he said.

Navis told the Observer via Facebook Messenger that a small version of the hole had been “present since last summer.”

“It wasn’t until the snow melted that it really started to open up,” she wrote.