Oregon Area Senior Center

The Oregon Area Senior Center is located on 219 Park St.

The Oregon Area Senior Center has laid out its plan for reopening, even though it will stay closed for the “foreseeable future.”

Senior center director Rachel Brickner detailed the plan to village trustees Monday, June 1. It includes guidelines for physical distancing, protective equipment, temperature checks, symptom screening, testing and contact tracing and sanitation — all to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

The plan states when the building reopens, it will be for limited reasons, all of which will require an appointment. The public will be limited to the main hall, dining room, conference room, the pool and craft room and restroom, the plan states. The Adult Day Program room will be reserved for program staff and participants only.

The plan states staff meetings will be held in the conference room rather than in offices. People with appointments, according to the plan, will be allowed to enter the center only within the duration of time they set.

To further encourage physical distancing, case managers are discouraged from making home visits, but they must wear protective equipment like a face covering if one is required, the plan states.

The center will have signage placed at its front door asking the public not to enter if they have any COVID-19 symptoms or a fever, according to the plan. Staff will check the temperature of each person entering the building using an infrared thermometer, and anyone above 100 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed to enter.

The senior center continues its cleaning practices, the plan states, and staff continue to wash hands with soap and water, with restrooms limited to one occupant at a time, plexiglass barriers around the reception desk and kitchen window cleaned daily.

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