Oregon Area Food Pantry

The Oregon Area Food Pantry is now offering its guests curbside pickup and pre-packaged foods for the time being.

The Oregon Area Food Pantry is moving to pre-packaged food and curbside pickup for its guests, according to a March 19 news release from the nonprofit.

The move, to curb spread of the novel coronavirus during the COVID-19 pandemic, is effective for all upcoming distribution dates until further notice, the release states. OAFP is also pausing donation of food and asking the public to consider a monetary gift if able.

“Our food pantry typically provides guests choices when picking up food,” the release reads. “This will no longer be possible with curbside pickup. We will do our best to create packages with a variety of healthy food and will be core items to help families during this pandemic.”

COVID-19 first seen in China in 2019, has since spread internationally, affecting more than 200,000 people and killing more than 10,000. COVID-19 was deemed a worldwide pandemic March 11 by the World Health Organization, the first since H1N1 influenza in 2009.

The pantry anticipates a high volume of guests, and the release asks for patience. Staff are practicing social distancing and limiting the number of people in the building, 107 N. Alpine Pkwy.

Guests are instructed to remain in line in their cars until they reach the front, the release states, and staff will register them without them having to enter the building.

The pantry also asks guests to bring identification with them.

For continuous updates, visit oregonareafoodpantry.com.

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