Consultants for the Village of Oregon have found that a signalized stop at the Janesville Street and Perry Parkway intersection might not be feasible.

While it’s not illegal to put signals at the intersection, the costs to install and run the lights might be prohibitive. Because the area doesn’t meet the high volume threshold, Dane County likely wouldn’t help share in the funding of it, village public works director Jeff Rau wrote in a memo to the village board.

“This doesn’t mean signals can’t be installed,” he wrote.

In October 2019, some residents expressed significant concerns about pedestrian safety on Perry Parkway. The board responded by hiring SRF Consulting to do a traffic and warrant analysis of the intersection, and seeking public input. Based on that feedback, the board determined the most feasible solution would be to install stoplights.

The analysis also found traffic is at peak volume in the mornings on South Perry Parkway, something Rau said village officials anticipated.

“This isn’t too much of a surprise,” he wrote.

In addition, a four-way stop controlled intersection would cause problems on Janesville Street, Rau wrote, as all traffic on that street would have to stop.

Any additional decisions or solutions will wait until the consulting firm has finished its analysis and report to the Board.

“Once we have received it, we will schedule them to appear before the (board) to present findings and recommendations,” Rau wrote.

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