Oregon Soccer Club will get to use several village parks for its spring and fall 2020 seasons Monday, Feb. 10, while Jaycee Park West undergoes construction.

Village trustees approved the club to use North Champion, Stone Ridge, High Meadows, Bergamont, Rustic Vineyards and Windcrest parks.

A village memo from Elise Cruz, village zoning and planning administrator, states the club would use North Champion two week nights for practices and two weekend days for games, Stone Ridge for three week night practices, Bergamont for three week night practices, Rustic Vineyard for two to four week night practices and two weekend day games and Windcrest for three week night practices.

Oregon Soccer Club already uses High Meadows for practices and games five to seven days a week on one field. The memo requested the use of both fields at the same time as needed and two weekend days for games on one field only.

“OSC is working closely with other Oregon area youth sports organizations to ensure that all organizations have access to the fields necessary to play games and hold practices,” the memo reads

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