Efforts to help curb flooding on the Foxboro Golf Club’s north fairways are moving forward.

The Village Board awarded the project to G-Pro Excavating LLC of Montfort, Wisconsin, which will consist of a water collection box and a 15-inch diameter gravity pipeline that will run to the north of the club, connecting to the village’s storm sewer system.

The flooding issues around Foxboro have been largely attributed to poor drainage and high groundwater tables, along with a pair of stormwater ponds on the golf course that frequently overflow. The village discovered this spring that it was responsible for maintenance of the ponds and had neglected them for many years.

Public works director Jeff Rau said the contractor’s $83,972 bid will be enough to cover the project, which will begin around late September to early October, and will take about a week to complete.

The pipeline will run across land owned by the Concord Commons Condominium Association and will also benefit residents who wish to connect to the underground system.

The Village Board authorized village attorney Matt Dregne to prepare a formal agreement with Concord Commons, which would have the association reimburse the village 30 percent of the cost of the pipeline, up to $21,000.

Rau said the village is also planning a second pipeline on the Villages of Foxboro subdivision, adjacent to Concord Commons. This would allow residents to tap into the pipeline, alleviating groundwater issues in the area while helping to share the cost with the Village of Oregon.