A letter from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources advises the Village of Oregon to begin replacing its lead water lines.

The City of Madison got rid of its lead service lines two years ago, public works director Jeff Rau explained, meaning the time has likely come for Oregon to start doing the same.

The village has 187 laterals, or lines that connect a water main to a building’s inlet.

“We do testing on lead service laterals, and they are routinely at or below contaminant levels,” Rau told the board.

Once those laterals need repairs, he said, it is recommended homeowners simply swap them out for non-lead options. In any other case, disturbing the lateral’s protective coating would be cause for concern.

Rau also noted the district has gotten a non-compliance violation, but he said it was a technicality based on missing a short window for water sampling. With the population of Oregon moving to 10,000 people, there were four locations to test, rather than the former two.

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