A month after hearing concerns from residents on unsafe traffic conditions on South Perry Parkway, the Oregon Village Board chose a company to study potential solutions.

The board voted Monday to move forward with a three-month traffic and signal analysis at the Janesville Street and from SRF Consulting group for $6,500.

Public works director Jeff Rau told the board in a memo the company has worked with the city before as a sub-consultant. It recorded traffic data and completed models for the Janesville and Wolfe intersection.

“Therefore, there is likely some cost savings achieved and hence a lower overall proposed fee,” he wrote. “I do believe SRF does have an advantage given the fact that they completed a traffic analysis of this area in 2019 and will be able to incorporate the Perry Parkway intersection easily into their existing traffic model and include up to date traffic counts.”

The village connected South Perry Parkway to North Perry Parkway in 2018, creating a crucial link to the high school and Janesville Street. The increased traffic has resulted in some close calls to pedestrians and crossing guards at various spots along Perry Parkway, some citizens told the board and other city officials last month.

As part of its contract, SRF will conduct a field review of the intersection, perform intersection turning movement counts, collect crash data, perform a traffic signal warrant analysis, study peak hour traffic conditions and evaluate additional intersection geometric movements. It will then develop a memo outlining the findings to present back to the board.

Other proposals came from JT Engineering, Inc. for five weeks costing $8,700, Strand Associates, Inc. for two months costing $11,800 and KL Engineering for six weeks costing $14,850.

Rau said in the memo the village has not worked with JT Engineering, but he acknowledged they “did prepare a very well thought out scope of services.”

“The engineer who would oversee the project is a village resident who is very familiar with the problems in this area, as she commutes daily through the Janesville/Park intersection during peak periods,” he said.

Strand Associates has completed several intersection evaluations for the village and also a traffic study for the Jefferson Crossing apartment project, and Rau said their quality of work and professionalism has been “excellent.”

“We have not worked with KL Engineering directly, however, I am aware of their work and expertise and have no doubt they would complete the project well and provide a great deliverable,” he said. “I will add that it does appear that KL has included more services than what is offered by some of their lower cost alternative, hence a higher fee estimate.”

While the timeframe for an analysis is the longest with SRF, Rau said he doesn’t “foresee making any significant modifications during the dead of winter anyway.”

“There would still be plenty of time to prepare for short term improvements in the spring of 2020,” he said.

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