Netherwood Road, between Cusick and Alpine parkways, closed over the weekend due to water over the roadway.

Public works director Jeff Rau shared the news in an email to city staff and the Observer Tuesday morning, stating he anticipates the road being closed until late Friday at the earliest.

Though water stopped flowing over the roadway Tuesday morning, he said the roadway base needs to “dry out” before the road can reopen.

Barricades have been placed around the area with a message board sign notifying drivers at the corner of County Hwy. CC and Alpine Parkway. A small pump was installed to help drain the area.

Rau said the water is from the Lake Barney area, which is at historic high levels, causing the overflow into that area.

“Thank you all for your patience and accommodating this inconvenience,” he wrote.

- Amber Levenhagen

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