Mulligan's crash

A crash on Wednesday, June 3, left Mulligan’s with a hole in the side of the building. The driver had only minor injuries, and no one in the building was hurt.

Mulligan’s Irish Pub and Grill incurred damage from a car crash Wednesday, June 3.

The building, located at 830 Oregon Center Dr., had an exterior wall pierced by a car around 1:30 p.m.

In an email to the Observer, Village of Oregon police chief Jenny Pagenkopf said a man was parking and did not apply the brake correctly, which caused him to hit the building.

The injuries resulting from the crash were minor, Pagenkopf said, with the driver having a sore leg. No one inside the building was hurt.

An estimated cost of the damage is unknown by the department, pending further information from the building owner, she said.

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