Police warned Oregon residents to “lock your car and secure your houses” after a young man was spotted trying to enter cars on the 700 block of Dunn Ave. the morning of Sunday, May 26.

A Village of Oregon Police Department Facebook page post states at about 4:45 a.m., a young man was trying to enter cars on Dunn Ave. With the post was a picture of the suspect.

The night-shift officer on duty at the time consequently spotted a “suspicious vehicle” in the area and attempted to stop it, but the vehicle “fled at a high rate of speed and left the village,” the post states.

Police later found the vehicle was stolen out of the Madison area.

Officers consistently warn Oregon residents to close their garages if they have them open, according to the post.

“People are coming into the village to steal from you,” the post states. “Please do your part and make it more difficult for them.”

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