Lincoln Road has been a logistical challenge for years, as the village and the town share ownership of the dividing road that only in some parts is split down the center.

A resolution dating to 2002, long before public works director Jeff Rau joined the village, splits ownership of the road between the two municipalities. And the two have been working for the last year on a new resolution that would not only help clean up the language but also the road, which Rau said is “dangerous.”

“There was a bicyclist killed out there two years ago that I don’t believe was related (to the road conditions) but it reminds you of how unsafe it can be,” Rau said. “There’s a lot of hills, it’s very narrow, it has no shoulder… there has been a lot of discussion with residents that have said something needs to be done.”

The Oregon Village Board has rescheduled a public hearing for 5 p.m. Aug. 5, instead of its original plan to hold the hearing this Monday, July 15.

The board will then consider adopting the resolution, and the town would also need to go through its own approval process. The draft has been given a preliminary OK by both entities.

The resolution would establish an agreement valid until Nov. 1, 2021, including the deadline that both the town and the village would have its portion of the road “cleaned up,” which includes asphalt pulverization for repairs and the addition of a shoulder for the village and resurfacing for the town.

Funds for the road improvements would come from a dedicated Lincoln Road improvement account the village has been keeping from area developments, such as Bergamont, and Rau said the village will put around $800,000 toward the project from the fund. That includes $200,000 that will be sent to the town for its portion.

“We’re just there to maintain the road right now,” Rau said. “We saw an opportunity to rewrite this agreement so we can work together with the town to improve this section of roadway.”

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