Janesville and Park street intersection

The Janesville and Park street intersection will get a dedicated left turn lane and traffic signals.

The village will put a stoplight at a widened intersection of Janesville and Park streets, rather than a roundabout.

It’s expected to be installed in the next few months.

More than 40 people attended a public information meeting earlier this month, and public works director Jeff Rau told the Village Board the stoplight plan got overwhelming support. The plan, which the board approved Monday, includes dedicated left turn lanes and signals and will open the intersection for two lanes of traffic.

Rau said the roundabout would have restricted access to the businesses along that intersection and would also impact the surrounding wetland, as the roundabout would have required expanding the intersection.

While signals can cause traffic to get backed up during rush hour, Rau said timers would force a green light.

Some at the June 4 meeting suggested creating what is referred to as a “refuge island,” or a raised strip in the middle of the crosswalks for pedestrians who were not able to completely cross the intersection, which Rau said he felt was a good idea.

Traffic engineers will now prepare design documents for the village, with an anticipated construction timeline set for late this summer.

Village president Jeanne Carpenter thanked those who participated by attending and engaging with the meeting.

“I was very proud to be a public servant at that meeting,” she said.