Of the greater Oregon area’s approximately 14,500 voters, 3,186 of them – or around 21.9% – participated in Feb. 18’s state-wide primary election.

There were no local races on the ballot, but Oregonians, Brooklynites and residents of the three surrounding townships voted for one of three state Supreme Court candidates – incumbent Daniel Kelly and challengers Jill Karofsky and Ed Fallone in a nominally nonpartisan race.

The villages and three towns all gave Karofsky, a Dane County Circuit Court judge who is backed by progressive groups and individuals, the most votes.

The Village of Oregon had 1,297 voters, or 20.4% turnout, with Karofsky receiving 501 votes. Kelly, who received an endorsement from President Donald Trump and was appointed by former Gov. Scott Walker, came in second with 237 votes, and Ed Fallone, Marquette University law professor who is also progressive, came in third with 151 votes.

Brooklyn, had a total of 88 voters, or 15.6% of its voting population. Karofsky received 47 of those votes, while Kelly tallied 29 and Fallone received just 11.

Town of Rutland voters next door to the east had an average turnout of 22.8% with 321 votes. Karofsky got 188 from Rutland voters, while Kelly got 85 and Fallone received 46.

In the Town of Dunn to the northeast, 798 residents voted, or 22.6%. Karofsky tallied 431 votes, with Kelly coming in second at 269 and Fallone in third with 90.

In the Town of Oregon, 582 people cast ballots for a 26.6% turnout, the highest average turnout of the Oregon area. Karofsky got the most votes from Town of Oregon residents, getting 310 votes, in comparison to Kelly’s 193 and Fallone’s 76.

Kelly won the most votes statewide, with Karofsky coming in second. The two will vie for the 10-year Supreme Court seat on April 7.

There will be one contested local race for some Oregon area residents. For people who live in the Village and Town of Oregon, incumbent Jerry Bollig is running for re-election for his Dane County Board supervisor seat against Todd Kluever.

The April 7 election will also feature a Democratic presidential primary race.

Reporters Emilie Heidemann, Scott De Laruelle and Renee Hickman contributed to this story.