Duplex fire

Improperly disposed wood chips for smoking brisket ignited a fire on a garage at 818 Oregon Parks Avenue on Wednesday, April 3.

No one was hurt when a garage on Oregon’s west side was damaged by fire Wednesday morning.

The fire caused around $40,000 in damages to part of a duplex at 818 Oregon Parks Ave., according to an April 4 joint release from the Oregon fire and police departments. Half of the garage’s south wall was consumed by the flames, with a small portion of the roof also affected.

It was the result of improperly disposed of brisket wood chips, duplex resident Aneil Seth told the Observer. Seth said he had been smoking brisket from his girlfriend’s porch and discarded the chips from the smoker into a plastic garbage bin after pouring water on them. The chips reignited and set the south wall of the garage on fire.

Dane County dispatch received the first 911 call at 11:02 a.m., followed by subsequent callers, Oregon fire chief Glenn Linzmeier told the Observer. A police officer arrived on the scene around 11:15, followed shortly by an Oregon fire engine.

The fire was extinguished within two minutes, Linzmeier said, and after 10 minutes of inspecting the structure, the department determined no further damage was sustained. The department then proceeded with the investigation and cited Seth for “negligent handling of burning materials,” according to a press release sent out by Oregon emergency services.

Fitchburg, Brooklyn and McFarland fire departments provided assistance, Linzmeier said. The last Oregon fire unit returned to the fire station at 12:35 p.m.

The department’s release added a reminder to “take precautions as the season for grilling, hosting bonfires and burning yard waste arrives.”

Grilling on or under the balconies and decks of multi-family dwellings is not permitted, the release stated. It also recommended grilling from about 10 feet away from any buildings and ensuring hot coals and embers are completely cooled before disposing of them.