Town of Dunn employees will receive an additional medical benefit after the town board passed a COVID-19 response plan and extended its state of emergency until July 18.

If a town employee doesn’t have any sick or vacation time available and becomes ill from COVID-19, he or she would receive an additional 80 hours in sick leave, town clerk, treasurer and business manager Cathy Hasslinger told the Hub. Extra funding for paid leave is available from Federal Emergency Management.

“Our goal is to keep everything open in a way that keeps everyone safe,” she said.

Hasslinger said extending the state of emergency allows the town to host virtual meetings, with residents able to use video conferencing to attend.

The order also prohibits any road races, runs or bike rides from coming through the town. Parks remain open, but social distancing guidelines are in effect and the use of playground equipment is still prohibited.

She said town officials are still providing hand sanitizer and encouraging residents to follow social distancing guidelines by staying six feet apart and wearing masks in public spaces.

If a person needs an in-person town meeting, a health screening is required, along with social distancing.