Oregon eighth-grader Aaron Dieter has continued to use his passion for creating music by hosting outdoor marimba concerts in his neighborhood during the “Safer at Home” time because of the coronavirus pandemic.

He competed in the Wisconsin Music Association’s Virtual Solo Ensemble festival and has extended his platform to his yard during a time of quarantine.

Neighbors come out of their homes to sit in the grass to listen to Dieter and his older brother, Josh Dieter, a sophomore at Oregon High School, play the marimba. The Dieters’ mother, Joyce streams the performance on Facebook live.

“It’s cool that even though we are shuttered at home, I can still play the marimba for people,” Aaron Dieter said. “My grandma and grandpa get to listen to my music even though they are four hours away.”

The marimba is an African percussion instrument consisting of a set of wooden bars struck with wooden mallets to produce musical tones. Pipes underneath the wooden bars amplify the sound.