Janesville and Park Street interesection map

The grey areas on the map show the expanded portions of Janesville and Park street. The green areas indicate existing portions of the streets. Public works expects to finalize the above design Thursday, Jan. 23, and to start requesting bids from contractors in early February.

About 35-40 people attended a public session on the Janesville and Park Street intersection rebuild design plans Thursday, Jan. 16.

Despite minimal feedback they offered on the plans, Village of Oregon staff expects the project to proceed as depicted, village public works director Jeff Rau told the Observer.

People can still offer input until Thursday, Jan. 23, when Rau said public works staff is to finalize the design. Rau said the village is still communicating with businesses and individuals who will be most affected by construction.

Anyone located in or near the construction area will receive a letter detailing how the project will pan out for them once the village knows the details from a contractor.

Public works expects to seek bids from contractors in early February, he said.

Rau and Town and County Engineering, Inc. president Brian R. Berquist gave a 15-20 minute overview of the design before attendees – including Oregon residents, business owners and village officials – asked questions and offered comments.

One of the main topics attendees asked about was when construction would start. Another attendee asked whether the intersection was indeed being signalized, which Berquist confirmed.

The village had considered putting a roundabout at the intersection last year. The state requires municipalities to consider putting in a roundabout when reconstructing an intersection, but the village instead chose traffic signals after that plan received overwhelming support from 40 public meeting attendees in summer 2019.

Berquist said the project should take place over a 10-12 week period starting sometime in early spring, but its exact start date has yet to be determined. The village will establish a more concrete timeline once it receives and selects a bid. The bidding process should go quickly, Berquist added, as there aren’t many similarly sized projects going on in Dane County.

The project is scheduled to be finished by Labor Day for the start of the 2020 school year.

Rau said the project will fully reconstruct the intersection. The reconstruction including traffic lights and left-turn lanes on all approaches, dual approach lines on Janesville from both directions and pedestrian crossing islands at the center of Janesville Street.

It also includes reconstruction of the pavement and curb on Janesville Street from Kwik Trip to the intersection and of Park Street south from the intersection to Lexington Drive. Sidewalks and paths would connect to the U.S. Hwy. 14 roundabouts.

Two new water mains and sanitary sewers will also be constructed.

While the exact cost of the project won’t be known until a bid is accepted, the village’s capital improvement plan estimates it will be around $800,000.

Berquist encouraged anyone who wasn’t present at the meeting to reach out to him with questions or concerns at 273-3350.

For more information, call the village at 835-3118.

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