Two months ago, the Oregon Observer announced it would begin to restrict most content on our website to its paid subscribers.

That transition begins April 30.

All three websites for Unified Newspaper Group’s weekly newspapers – the Observer, the Stoughton Courier Hub and the Verona Press – will offer both newspaper and web-only subscriptions. Web-only subscriptions are $5 per month, payable by credit card directly on our website.

All subscribers to any of our newspapers will get full website access to all three sites, and connecting your subscription is as simple as entering your email address and password by clicking Your Account on the top of any of the websites. Subscribers who have trouble with this process or questions can call (800) 562-1825 or email th-circcsr@wcinet.com.

Over the past several weeks, our newsroom has put extra effort into ensuring these websites are as reader-friendly as possible and worth the price.

This change has come with improvements to our coverage on the Internet, most notably the posting of more stories before they are in print. We have rebuilt our story production at UNG to ensure stories are available online throughout the week.

We have also added content that was previously only available in our printed newspapers, including opinion columns, police reports, weekly upcoming event listings and history.

Stories no longer need to be postdated or delayed to encourage people to subscribe to the printed product. We recognize that everyone has a preferred way to access news, and now all versions – mobile, print and computer – will be treated equally.

For those who wish to read the Observer digitally in the way we have it printed, we will continue to provide our e-edition – a PDF version of the weekly paper – and it will now be available to subscribers on Wednesday mornings, before it hits the newsstands.

We also are debuting a newsletter this week that will direct readers to some of our most important stories. All subscribers with an email in our files will receive that email by default, and anyone can sign up to receive the weekly alerts with our top headlines.

Non-subscribers will still be able to access some content. In addition to providing two free stories per month, the Observer will make important breaking and public safety-related news available to everyone without affecting those caps, as well as some submitted items and a few regional stories.

Our social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter will continue to provide some information and lead people to our coverage.

Our ability to continue delivering quality journalism depends on this change, which is becoming more and more common in the industry as advertising revenue declines worldwide. While we have lost print subscribers over the past two years, our website traffic has doubled.

For information or questions on digital subscriptions, please feel free to contact editor Jim Ferolie at ungeditor@wcinet.com or 845-9559.

Visit https://subscribe-oregon.unifiednewsgroup.com to subscribe. For assistance with subscribing, please call (800) 562-1825.

Email Oregon Observer editor Jim Ferolie at oregonobserver@wcinet.com.​