Village Trustee Jeff Boudreau’s last day is the end of August, and the Village Board has decided to begin the application process to fill his spot “immediately.”

However, it voted Monday for a tentative start date of Nov. 1 so the new trustee would start after the annual budget process.

The board discussed whether it should open the position for nominations from interested community members or whether to wait until the next election, when the term expires.

Village President Jeanne Carpenter worried about overwhelming a new member with the complexities of budget season, and trustee Jerry Bollig said he didn’t want to rush the application process.

Leaving the spot open during the budget process could leave the potential of a 3-3 block, and Amanda Peterson and Cory Horton both expressed interest in seeing who the applicants are, in case any have budget experience.

“They might have questions but could have good perspective,” Horton said.

Jenna Jacobson, Randy Glysch and Carpenter voted in favor, Peterson voted against, with her objection being the start date, and Horton abstained.

Applications are due Sept. 4, and applicants will be asked to address the board at its Sept. 9 meeting. In previous years, interested candidates have been asked to fill out an application on the village’s website, but the application had not been posted as of Tuesday.

Boudreau announced his departure from the board at the end of June, as he plans to pursue an MBA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was on the board for five years.

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