The Town of Dunn will swear in two supervisors and the town chair at its annual meeting Tuesday, April 16, before hearing reports from commissions about work that has been done in the past year.

As at all town annual meetings, including those that set the budget, the residents in attendance form the assembly in which everyone over 18 will have one vote on any town business.

In other years, such business has included land sales and conservation easements, but town clerk/treasurer Cathy Hasslinger told the Observer that there aren’t any such transactions at this year’s meeting.

“It’s an opportunity for the town to report back on its activities for the prior year,” Hasslinger explained.

Those in attendance will hear reports from each of the town’s nine commissions that govern things like planning and land use, trees and parks and the cemetery. The chair, if present, will speak about the commission’s activities over the past year and usually invite resident participation and announce when and where the meetings take place, Hasslinger said.

Other items on the agenda include a review of the annual financial audit and state-mandated announcements about stormwater management and invasive species control.

Town officials who won reelection April 2 will be sworn in before the meeting, including Town Chair Ed Minihan and Sups. Steven Greb and Jeffrey Hodgson.

At the end of the meeting, Hasslinger said, the town presents commissioners who sit on the various town boards with a gift to thank them for their service. The positions are all unpaid, Hassingler said, and the town shows its gratitude by presenting the volunteers with a piece of pottery made by Paul Bick.

This year it will be a vase, Hasslinger said, though mugs and bowls have been prevalent in the past.

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