I weep for my country, saddened by the continuing slaughter of innocents, inflamed if not condoned by intolerance, intemperate and racially tinged rhetoric coming from the White House. This year we have been witness to more than one mass-shooting a day. This should not and cannot become the new normal. If we fail to speak out and stand up against this kind of violence and demagoguery, we are all complicit in the slaughter. We are failing a generation. This is not the country or world that I grew up in and not the kind of future that I wanted for my children and grandchildren. We can and must do better.

Reasonable gun controls work. No other countries experience this kind of violence.

Facts matter. The President recently criticized Baltimore and major cities with Democratic mayors as “disgusting, rat and crime-infested” yet, ironically, every one of the 22 largest cities in the United States with Republican mayors, has higher crime rates than New York or Los Angeles, America’s largest cities with Democratic mayors and the lowest crime rates of America’s 100 largest cities.

I will believe Donald Trump’s attacks on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elijah Cummings and Baltimore weren’t motivated by race when Donald Trump calls David Duke, White Nationalists and neo-Nazi sympathizers “vermin.”

Charles Uphoff

City of Fitchburg