As the village board moves closer to renovating Jaycee Park, members of the Oregon soccer community are still wondering where the more than 900 soccer players will play in the future.

The Oregon Soccer Club, which helps to maintain the soccer fields in Jaycee Park, hosted 82 percent of their games the past two years at those fields, and several teams hold practices there nearly every night in the fall and spring. Early drafts of the park plan included maintaining the same number of soccer fields, but the latest park plan includes zero soccer fields.

Without soccer field use at Jaycee Park, where will the Oregon Soccer Club host its yearly Fall Fury tournament? This event traditionally brings more than 120 teams to the village, which has a great economic impact on our community.

The Jaycee Park renovation should be something that has a positive impact on the community that everyone can support.

Instead, as it stands now, it’s a $4.5 million project that is only partially funded and doesn’t address the long-term needs of the community while leaving the largest youth sports organization without a place to call home in the village.

Kelly Sullivan

Village of Oregon