Donald Trump and Republicans have sounded the alarm at the prospect of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or any Democrat being elected President. Once again, the label of “socialism” is being used to frighten voters and keep them from embracing the “S” word.

Many of the things which we embrace and take for granted were put forward in the 1912 platform of the Socialist Party which, among other things, endorsed:

An eight-hour workday at a decent wage, safety regulations for workers in mines and factories, a child-labor law, old-age pensions, unemployment and accident insurance, a graduated income tax, an inheritance tax, suffrage for women, a direct vote in national elections doing away with the electoral college, the creation of separate departments of health, education and labor and freedom of the press, speech and assembly.

Those who are truly frightened by such radical ideas may want to send back their Social Security checks, refuse enrollment in Medicare, boycott the military, public schools, libraries, museums and parks, turndown fire and police protection and refuse the protection of such “socialist” entities as the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the Centers for Disease Control.

The reality is every successful country and economy embraces elements of both private and public ownership. Call it “socialism” if you want, but we’re really only talking about those things we can do better if we do them together.

Trump’s claim of “the best economy ever” isn’t even close. Despite a trillion-dollar tax break, an average of 42,833 fewer new jobs were added to the economy in Trump’s first 36 months in office than Barack Obama’s last 36 months in office.

Charles Uphoff

City of Fitchburg