There has been a lot of talk lately from President Donald Trump and Republicans about the imminent threat of “Socialism,” attacking proposals from leading Democratic presidential candidates that would provide Medicare coverage for all Americans and not just those of us who are over 65.

This scare tactic is particularly curious when even a conservative Koch brothers funded study found that “Medicare for All” would cost taxpayers far less to cover everybody than our current private for-profit health insurance system. Perhaps someone could explain why using our taxes to pay doctors and hospitals when we get sick is “socialism” but using tax dollars to build highways, planes and bombs or pay farmers not to grow crops isn’t.

If you want to see the real face of democratic socialism in action you could go to Denmark and Canada or, even closer to home, you just might visit your local public school, a public library, National Park or a museum. Then you can go and thank your local firefighters, police and National Guard.

Charles Uphoff