Now that South Perry Parkway goes all the way through to the high school, a busy intersection should be deemed unsafe!

A light has been approved to be installed to go in to the intersection of Park and Janesville Street for the anticipation of increased businesses and traffic. It’s great that the Village has done something about this, but something needs to be done NOW at the South Perry and Janesville Street intersection.

According to data from a requested police report dating back from July 1, 2018, there were four accidents on the report at Janesville and South Perry while only two at Janesville and Park. Since I’ve received the report, two more accidents have happened bringing the total up to six, or three times as many accidents compared to where a light has been approved. At least two of these accidents have involved children either walking or crossing on their bikes.

There are a lot of legal logistics and other considerations to work through to make this intersection safer. Janesville Street technically is a county highway, where a 4-way stop sign is not allowed, distance from another stoplight is an issue, homes, apartments and businesses located right at the intersection all make it difficult to come up with a viable solution. These obstacles need to be overcome and/or exceptions need to be made to provide a safer solution. How many more children’s lives need to be put at risk before a major change is implemented? I hope the answer is none, but it won’t be unless something is done sooner than later.

In the meantime, slow down and pay attention!

Chris Patterson

Village of Oregon