We are prepared to vote on hefty tax increases for both the village and school district this year. I suggest these taxes could have been much less had there been some more individual community members interest and involvement in the school district and village politics.

You really have to wonder why a developer would stop the installation of a neighborhood sign. One that is completely in compliance with laws and regulations, approved of by residents, the Village Board and businesses around the sign. Gary and Bonnie Thiel have directed their lawyer to state …

When my husband and I began looking for houses in the Madison area, our search led us to Oregon, where we knew our children could attend high-quality public schools. We have lived in Oregon for 14 years. As our three children work their way through the district, we could not be happier with …

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the continuance for the right choice representing the state’s 43rd Assembly Seat.

Imagine, if you will, the Packers make a crucial run on third down and clearly get the first down by a solid two yards, only to watch in dismay as the referee places the ball two yards shy of the first down marker. You’d cry, “Foul!”

What is the cumulative tax burden from the last four referenda since 2014 including this year? People have written how they are in favor of the referendum because they moved to Oregon for the schools. Perhaps their household income is $100,000 or more and paying a total of $600-1000 more per…

I’m a mother and concerned citizen who believes that a non or no vote on Nov. 6 has too high of a price in our district, now and in the future.

The entire Oregon School District is being asked to pay more money to build an elementary school on the north end of the district. This is due, in large part, to projected enrollments from new developments, like the Northeast Neighborhood in Fitchburg.

There are several different related families of ours that are interned there at Prairie Mound Cemetery. We visited back in 2015 – my sister was from Arizona and I am from Washington State. As was mentioned, I was saddened by the many headstones that were in disrepair.

On a recent, very hot Saturday, we observed a hard working couple clearing weeds from the round-a-bout on the eastside of Oregon.

There is an albatross waiting to be hung around the neck of the Democratic nominee in the race for governor of Wisconsin this November, and it is called “Madison Liberal.” Any nominee whom it fits will almost certainly loose.

The Oregon basketball community lost a tremendous coach with the resignation of head boys basketball coach Jon Nedelcoff. Prior to coach’s arrival in 2010, the program was in poor condition. The previous five years the varsity program amassed a 26-81 record.

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