Oregon Youth Center at Hillcrest Bible Church

From left, Casper Torres, 12, Oregon Youth Center director Diane Newlin, Sebastian Garcia, 11, and Madison Blumer, 10, sit and play board games inside the Oregon Youth Center’s temporary space at Hillcrest Bible Church.

The Oregon Youth Center has a found temporary home at Hillcrest Bible Church.

Hillcrest will be used until the new center opens, which Erin Chisman, OYC board of directors president and Oregon Community Resource Network member said is expected in three to four months.

The original plan was to use the old 110 Oak St. space during construction of the new facility, which will have the same address, adjacent to it. However, the project ran into several complications last summer that made it a preferred for construction crews to build the new center and tear down the old one at the same time, Chisman told the Observer last week.

Chisman said it was then up to OCRN – the organization behind the new youth center building project – to find an accommodating temporary space for OYC youth.

“One of the OCRN members called a couple different places in town that might have space,” she said.

The group decided on Hillcrest Bible Church, 752 E. Netherwood St. after a few building tours showed it has a large basement space with booths and tables for many youth activities.

“It all came together really fast,” Chisman said. “Hillcrest has been great about getting everyone settled in.”

“Logistically… it looked like a good space for the kids to be,” she added.

The original June groundbreaking ceremony was found to be premature, as the Village of Oregon had to draft a new lease for the property and create a certified survey map after the project ran into legal issues. The lease and map then had to receive village approval.

More problems arose last July, when Supreme Structures – donating its time and resources for the project – found it needed to carry extra measures for breaking ground, with new building plans and construction cost increases to follow suit.

Chisman said plans also changed because Supreme Structures staff wanted to have the parking lot constructed before winter.

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