14 South Artists, Inc. is once again hosting its annual Firefly Coffeehouse Gallery Art Show starting in November.

The exhibit will feature local artists from Oregon, Brooklyn, Verona, Stoughton and Mount Horeb from Friday, Nov. 1, through Monday, Dec. 30, at the Firefly, 114 N. Main St.

Event chair, Pat Seidel, told the Observer the public can expect to see a “variety of mediums” at the gallery — “everything from watercolor paintings to acrylic pour” creations. Even Seidel’s work with glass will be showcased at the event. All works are created by members of 14 South Artists, Inc.

The public is invited to view the art, which is also available for purchase directly from the artists.

More specifically, visitors can see Rob Igl, Oregon, who will feature his upcycled metal sculptures. Karen Nell McKean, also from Oregon, will showcase her colorful paintings, as well as Becky Schmidt, who hails from Verona. Francine Tompkins, of Stoughton, is set to show off her acrylic pour talents, with pieces reminiscent of geodes from the Earth. And of course, Seidel will show off her creations, made out of broken glass that she adheres to a canvas.

Other artists will feature their photography from around the Dane County area and abstract paintings, among other creations.

Seidel said the exhibit will allow attendees to observe some local talent that “comes right from their backyard.”

A 14 South Artists, Inc. press release states the artists use nature as the inspiration for their work, “which is reflected in the stunning pieces on display.”

And Seidel said the exhibit won’t showcase just any old pieces of art. In order to become a part of the organization, members of 14 South Artists, Inc. present their pieces in front of a panel of longer standing members first.

The panel looks at a certain set of criteria, Seidel said, and they decide whether the artist meets the bar they set. She said 14 South Artists, Inc. sets the bar high.

The release states 14 South Artists, Inc. began in 2004 — around the time it started hosting the annual exhibit — and has now expanded to include more than 50 artists throughout Dane County “and beyond.”

The group holds monthly meetings at the Oregon Fire Station, 131 Spring St., which are open to “all artists and art supporters.” Seidel said anyone interested in joining the group can attend meetings as well. They take place at 6:30 p.m. on the second Monday of the month.

Overall, the exhibit puts Oregon on the map for its art community, Seidel said. It also “brings the people who live here together,” she said.

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