ReVoiced gives private music lessons to choir students

ReVoiced, an acapella group, joined Rome Corners Intermediate and Oregon Middle School students on Friday, March 5, for an afternoon of vocal tunes through non-instrumental music.

The five-member acapella group performed songs like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “The Lions Sleeps Tonight,” first sung by The Tokens and featured in the latest Disney version of “The Lion King.”

Students cheered and clapped as the band brought their peers and teachers to the stage. At the end of the performance as students were being dismissed, they swarmed the members of the band asking questions and shaking hands.

In RCI’s gym, ReVoiced gave choir students a private music lesson. RCI students performed a song they will perform at a future concert, called “Give us Hope.” ReVoiced band members said they were very impressed with the students’ energy and smiles.

ReVoiced performed later that night at Oregon Performing Arts Center.

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