100 years ago -1920

• The Dr. Elliott Five-Foot Shelf of Books, also known as the Harvard Classics, have arrived and placed on a shelf of the Public Library. The Library Board wishes to thank Mr. A. H. Sholts and Mr. Don McGill for the part they took in raising money to make it possible to secure the books, and also all others who took part in the programs given. The price of the books was $117, and of this amount $61 was raised from the entertainment course.

• The farm home of Ed Kinney in Fitchburg burned Sunday evening. It was a large nine-room house, from which practically nothing was saved. The fire started presumably from a spark from the chimney falling on the roof.

• A social dancing party will be given at Olson’s hall on March 17th. Excellent music will be furnished by Clifford and Habermann’s Harp Orchestra of five pieces, including a saxophone, violin, trombone and drums. Dancing will be from 7:45 to 11:45 p.m.

• The Senior Class play, “Much Ado About Betty,” was presented at the Opera House, Thursday, March 25. The cast included William Ozburn, John Grady, Norris Ace, Earle Montgomery, Matthew Baumgartner, Archie Sorenson, Raphael Purcell, Roy Johnson, Arnet Adams, Lucille Morrissey, Stella Byrne, Evelyn Pillar, Helen Meloy, Florence Luchsinger, Esther Hanson, Luella Litch, Arthur Sweeney, and Violet Lalor.

50 years ago - 1970

• Mrs. Suzanne Stordock was charged with first degree murder in connection with the fatal shooting of her husband La Verne.

• The OHS music and drama departments presented a production of the musical “Li’l Abner.”

The production involved over 200 students. Included in the cast were Li'l Abner (Dick Kapusta); Daisy Mae (Laurie Kennan); Mammy Yokum (Barb Miller); Pappy Yokum (Phil Wolber) , and Earthquake McGoon (Paul Hansen).

• OHS junior Jim Outhouse was the first in OHS history to place at the state wrestling tournament. He placed second.

• The house on South Main Street, just south of the Wisconsin Power and Light Co. was purchased by Jack Staley and moved to a lot on State Street that had been the site of his former home which was destroyed by fire last year. Wisconsin Power & Light will build an office on the vacant lot, now the location of Ziggy’s Restaurant.

• Four OHS music students move on to the state contest: Rodney Bollman (alto sax solo); Jeannine Halverson (vocal solo); Steve Blahnik (vocal solo) and Mary Fuller and Connie Ringen (vocal duet).

• A portion of the new middle school is open using the open classroom concept.

25 years ago - 1995

• The members of St. John’s 100th Anniversary Recipe Book were Sharon Kracke, Pauline Champion, Muriel Stoneman, Bonnie Haugen, Marlene Ferguson, Catherine Pasell, Clarice Christensen, JoAnn Helgesen, Maxine Sholts, Jean Bailie, Gudron Huston and Patty Harper.

• The Dane County Natural Resources and Zoning Committee put an end to plans for a women's spirituality retreat in the Town of Oregon.

• The Oregon Area Senior Center was awarded Accreditation Status by the Wisconsin Association of Senior Centers. Oregon is the sixth of more than 90 existing senior centers in the state to receive this status.

• The Town of Oregon opened new offices and a conference room next to their garage on Union Road. Ruth Klahn was the town clerk.

10 years ago - 2010

• The Village of Oregon budget crunch will mean a reduction in the summer staff. This will result in less maintenance in some of the Village parks, drainage ways, and green spaces.

• The Village Board approved the purchasing of 12 historical markers to be displayed on downtown businesses and at the World War monument, at a cost of $8,651. The structures range in construction dates from 1878 to 1920.

• The Village Board authorized the Village President Steve Staton to sign a general release regarding an insurance claim for Wingra Stone; the company whose concrete truck slammed into the Jefferson Street railroad bridge in late June 2004. Wingra’s insurance company sent a $9,000 payment to the City of Fitchburg and the Village of Oregon. The money will be split equally between the municipalities, which have joint ownership of the railroad track.

• The local Movie Gallery store is scheduled to close in the spring. The movie rental corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy; as people have found other ways to access the latest movies.

• Walgreens ran into opposition when applying for a liquor license.

- Compiled by Gerald Neath, Oregon Area Historical Society

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