100 years ago (1919)

• No services were held at the Presbyterian Church last Sabbath. The smoke pipe of the furnace was found to be defective beyond continued use. Word was sent out by the pastor and his aids that people might arrange to attend services elsewhere.

• The local choral union met. Miss Darrin of the university was present to take over the leadership of the union. Professor C. B. Gordon of the U.W. was also present to discuss the plans for a Christmas concert. Officers of the group were Mr. Cady, manager; Miss Bert, secretary/treasurer; and Donald McGill, accompanist.

• Arthur Alling has purchased the Peter Olson place on Janesville Street for $10,000. The place consisted of 15 acres. Mr. Alling has also purchased 70 acres adjoining this place from what was formerly the Wolf farm.

• Last Sunday evening three auto loads of people went as a body to attend the services at the Christ Presbyterian Church in Madison. The pastor Rev. Geo. E. Hunt D. D. gave his hearers much food for thought as he presented the need for the “Old Fashioned Home.”

50 years ago (1969)

• Tom Mueller, president of the Oregon Educational Association, presented a charter to the Future Teachers of America (FTA). Those elected for the coming year were Nancy Stoneman, president; Mary Brown, vice-president and program chairperson; Laurie Riese, secretary; and Janine Denton, historian. The Oregon FTA has 56 members.

• An Oregon area raised horse, “Portrait of Genius,” owned by Dunn’s Greenway Stables, won the $1,000 Championship Yearling Stake at the America Royal held at Kansas City, Missouri.

• OHS actors present the one act play, “The Shoemaker’s Wife” at the District Drama Contest after winning an “A” award at the Sub-District Contest. In the play, the shoemaker is Paul Hanson; the shoemaker’s wife, Mary Ann Johnson; and the peasant, Jim Wolfe. With an “A” at the district, they are now on their way to the regional competition.

• The new four lane highway (U.S. Highway 14) between Oregon and Madison is open. The old road has been re-named county trunk MM. Those participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony were F. E. Madsen (Village President); Nancy Stoneman (Miss Oregon); Dr. M. J. Wischhoff (chairperson for the ribbon cutting ceremony); Fritz Kivlin (Oregon Chamber president); Harold Clemans (State Treasurer); William Dyke (Madison Mayor); William McKee (Fitchburg Town chairperson); Rod Chritton (Stoughton Chamber of Commerce president); Irv Lackoore (Madison Chamber of Commerce president)’ and Russell Pire (Dane County Board chairperson).

25 years ago (1994)

• The Town of Dunn Burying Grounds re-opens. The burying ground was established in 1852 and is the burial site of some of the earliest settlers in the area. As of Nov. 1, plots will be for sale again; the first time since 1890. The task force working to restore the cemetery included Jo Reynolds, Pam Crapp, Lottie Halverson, Loraine Hawkinson, Margaret Lalor, Dororthy Berkan and Jackie Jeardeau.

• The voters of the Oregon School District turned down a $21 million building package referendum.

• OHS students presented a production of Alan Menken’s musical, “Little Shop of Horrors,” It was held in the Oregon High School cafetorium.

• Oregon High School musicians Sarah Halverson and Ben McInstosh played at the Civic Center in Madison as members of the1994 Wisconsin Honors Orchestra. David Skogen was a member of the 1994 Honors Band.

• Those residents attending a special meeting of the Oregon School District passed a resolution 34 to 29 to cut one Fitchburg seat on the board and add another for the Village of Oregon.

• Brad Minter takes over as head coach of the OHS girls’ basketball coach from retiring Bob Eveland.

10 years ago (2009)

• The Oregon Swimming Pool got a facelift, which included replacing the stucco-like exterior of the pool and fixing several other problems with the roof and outer walls. Craig Loram, Oregon School District director of operations, estimated the cost to be about $147.000. The pool had been built in 1989 on the site of the former outdoor pool.

• Following are the amounts paid annually to public officials for their services: Village of Oregon, president $4,500 and trustee, $3.000; Oregon school board: president $1,350, officer, $1,000; other members, $900 plus $500 per chair assignment.

• OHS sophomore Megan Beers was selected as Wisconsin’s Big Ten Sportsmanship Honoree.

Nominees are based on their sportsmanship, ethical behavior, good academic standing and good citizenship throughout their communities.

Compiled by Gerald Neath, Oregon Area Historical Society