Oregon April history

Laurie Kennan was crowned “Miss Oregon for 1970.” A special “Miss Congeniality” award was won by Connie Ringen.

100 years ago -1920

• Eighteen boys of Danish parentage were enlisted from this community in World War I. Photographs of the eighteen were secured and were placed in one large frame and hung in the Lutheran Church.

• The Oregon Fire Department gave a dance at the opera house. Clifford and Habermann’s harp orchestra of five pieces was engaged for the event. A prize waltz was the special feature of the evening. Dance tickets were $1 and spectators 25 cents.

• Prichard & Cusick were advertising their new Multi-Motor portable gas powered washer. The Maytag gas powered washer works anywhere, including outdoors. The washing machine is started by flipping the simple starting wheel with your foot.

• Robbers enter garage: “Saturday night robbers entered the A. E. Hanson Auto Garage and made away with one Racine and five Kelly-Springfield tires. Entrance was gained by cutting out a window in the rear of the garage. Tracks in the soft ground showed where the tires were loaded and the wheel tracks of the vehicle were easily identified. Mr. Hanson has offered a reward of $225 for information that will lead to the recovery of the tires and the arrest and conviction of the parties who committed the robbery.”

50 years ago — 1970

• In the spring election the village had five candidates running for election to fill two three year terms: incumbents Marvin Jensen and Earl Lawson and three new candidates, Norris Breitbach, David Winch and Gehard Lundey. Winners of the two three year terms were Norris Breitbach (471 votes) and Marvin Jensen (498 votes).

• A reception was held for retiring village clerk, Ivan Christensen. Janet Forman will be taking over the position.

• The Village Board granted the request of Edward Owen for the Boy Scout troop to rejuvenate the old water tower building; with the only cost to the village being the materials.

• The A & W Root Beer Stand opens for the season. April’s special is one free gallon of root beer with the purchase of ten regular hamburgers. The owners are Ken and Donna Dary.

• Laurie Kennan was crowned “Miss Oregon for 1970.” A special “Miss Congeniality” award was won by Connie Ringen. For the second year in a row Thom McCan, WKOW radio and TV announcer, emceed the program.

• Winners of high honors at the State Forensics Contest were Many Ann Johnson (“A” in Declamation Speech); Bob Navis, (“B” in 4 minute Speech); and Chris DeBoer (“A” Interpretation of poetry).

25 years ago — 1995

• Two Oregon School District referendums failed: a $10.3 million plan to upgrade the high school and a $4.6 million project to improve three elementary schools were turned down. The unofficial vote count showed 2,220 “no votes” to 1904 “yes votes” on the high school project and 2,087 “no votes” to 2,045 “yes votes” on the elementary school improvements.

• The Village of Oregon and City of Fitchburg reached an agreement to hire Rust Engineering to study the feasibility for a business park just across the village limits in Fitchburg along County Trunk Hwy. CC.

• Kristin Woodworth, a senior at OHS, and member of the Panther POM Squad, was recently honored at the 1995 Target National Cheer and Dance Championships held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kristin received recognition as the runner-up for the Award of Excellence.

• School Bus Driver Appreciation Week was observed April 16-22. Bus drivers were Wanda Ace, Wayne Ace, Dan Butts, Lois Bavery, Russ Bavery, Bruce Carl, Neil Denton, Ione Gustrowsky, Ken Hagemann, Lois Hagemann, Charlie Hagstrom, Jim Hagstrom, Jerry Jensen, Ron Knipsel, John Lappley, Dave Lehman, Al Marshall, Casey Neath, Sandy Olson, Karen Parsons, Ken Schewe, Jeff Schmidt, Dick Sheil, Maria Traino, Dorothy Wendt, Wilfred Wendt, Alan Weidel and Judy Wiedel.

• Ginger’s School of Dance celebrated its 25th Anniversary. The teachers and students performed a 25th dance recital entitled “Tropical Paradise.”

10 years ago — 2010

• In the attempt to bring back the bluebirds, volunteers have erected bluebird houses on Bergamont’s Golf Course Oregon residents, Steve Fallon and Al Stock, have installed the first of 25 houses.

• Alton Erickson was honored for 50 years of service with the Brooklyn Volunteer Fire Department.

Oregon hockey players, Paul Byrne, Tyler Stensaas, Austin Janssen, Ben Scherschel and Andy Behrend represented Oregon at the National Hockey Tournaments in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

• Two graduating seniors, Abby Busler and Jason Hinz, were named Oregon High School’s 2010 WIAA scholar athletes.

• Winners of three-year terms to the Oregon School Board were Lynda Farrar and Pam Hughes.

• Dan Kissling was named head football coach. Bob Prahl, the Panther’s head coach for the past 27 seasons, resigned his position in January.

• The Village Board reverses its decision of April 6 and votes not to issue a liquor license to Walgreens.

• Erika and Mike Weidler, owners of the Firefly Coffeehouse at the time, plan to double its size and increase the menu and staff.

• The OHS automotive team took top place at the Annual MATC competition. Members of the team were Ronnie Osborne, Cody Casper, Kevin Sommers, Brandon Markham, Tyler Ellingson, Louis Hardin, Andrew Walter, and Dan Sears.

- Compiled by Gerald Neath, Oregon Area Historical Society

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