Helpers form March 27, 2020

The people in the list below have volunteered to be community helpers during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are members of the Oregon community who said they are available for basic services such as grocery shopping, walking dogs and picking up medications.

The Observer put out a call after readers contacted the paper about connecting people in need with people who can help — we now have over 30 volunteers.

There are six volunteers and people who requested help who would like to remain private — the Observer is working with those individuals separately.

The Observer will continue to offer this service.

If you are able to be a “helper” or a person who is in need, please fill out the form on our website.

All participants who are willing to share their information publicly will have their names, contact information and services offered published on our website and in the Hub. Participants who wish to remain private will have the information put on a spreadsheet and emailed to people who have asked for help.

If you’d like to be a helper or need help but do not have access to the internet, contact the Unified Newspaper Group office directly at 845-9559.

If you have any questions or would like to be added to the list please visit Or call our offices at 845-9559.

Jenni Thompson


Services I can provide:

Grocery shopping, pharmacy pick up, yard work,

Days Available: Any day, Available Hours: 9am-8pm

Devan Bertz


Phone: 608-877-6321

Services I can provide:

Grocery shopping, pharmacy pickup, yard work. Anything. I do have CNA experience, larger SUV.

Days Available: Saturday and Sunday, Available Hours: 8am to 7pm

Margaret Straub


Phone: 608-843-3362

Services I can provide:

Grocery shopping, running errands, odds jobs

Days Available: , Available Hours: 4pm-8pm

Linda Nedelcoff


Phone: 608-345-3521

Services I can provide:

Grocery shopping, delivering, making packages

Days Available: , Available Hours: 8:00 am-8:00 pm

Lisa Joyce


Phone: 608-445-2327

Services I can provide:

Grocery shopping, delivering meals, yard work-really anything that is needed. I have been working in healthcare for 30 + years as a lab professional.

Days Available: Tuesdays, Wed after 3:30, Sat, Sun, Available Hours: Any Tues, Sat, Sun

Unified Newspaper Group makes no claims as to the ability or honesty of the people who submit their names for these forms. We are connecting people as a public service only.

-Mackenzie Krumme